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Fladen Biscay Storm Jacket with built in life vest  [BISCAY]
Fladen Biscay Storm Jacket with built in life vest  [BISCAY]
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New for 2012 the Biscay Storm Jacket is an all weather fleece lined jacket which is both wind and rainproof, offering all the comfort you'd expect from a quality boating/shore fishing jacket. The Biscay jackets are a 3/4 length cut, meaning they give sufficient overlap with waterproof trousers to make them practical for even the roughest weather conditions. However, the jacket also has 'unzippable' arms, meaning it can be worn comfortable in the middle of summer whilst still retaining its safety function.

When it comes to marine safety there is no safer jacket to be wearing than the Fladen Biscay. Integrated into the right breast pocket is a Halkey-Roberts "Automatic" inflation mechanism connected to a CO2 gas cylinder. In the event of the wearer entering the water, the jacket will self-inflate around the collar and the shoulders, self-righting the person in the water and keeping their head safely above the water line for rescue.

In addition to the automatic inflation, the jacket may also be inflated manually (by rip cord) and like most similar jackets may be topped up via a tube by blowing into it. The inflation system is fully resettable, although in the event of an automatic inflation you will require a couple of spare parts from Halkey (which we can supply) costing around £5.00. Replacement 30g gas cylinders are widely available.

There are available in strictly limited quantities though 2011, but we have approximately 200 units remaining in stock across sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large. Unlike floatation suits you are advised to order your regular clothing size, NOT, one size down (i.e. if you wear an XL shirt day to day, order an XL jacket).




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