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Fladen Biscay Storm Jacket with built in life vest
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The UK's leading independent supplier of floatation suits, lifejackets and other marine safety equipment.

Here at UKFT we carry in excess of one thousand suits in stock, across three of the UKs leading brands - Fladen, Mullion and Behr. All suits offered are EN393 compliant, and the one piece range we carry meets ISO15027-1 approvals (or greater

Largest Retailer of Floatation Suits
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About Flotation Suits
Floatation suits work like a diving wetsuit - They are not designed to be water-tight (i.e. that would be a dry suit). Instead the concept is that if you fall into the sea, the suit will fill with water very quickly which is then trapped inside the suit. The suit insulation and your body heat then gradually warm that layer of water creating an insulative layer between yourself and the colder sea. So, you will get an initial 'shock' when you fall into the sea but within a couple of minutes this subsides and you are essentially afforded two hours before the onset of hypothermia - Compare this to jumping into an 8 degree sea without a floatation suit, where your body will enter a hypothermic state in less than ten minutes.

A lot of people claim they don't need a floatation suit - They have been on boats or coast fishing for years and 'it will never happen to them'. In our ten years of retailing these suits we genuinely hear of few incidents, which is something to be thankful for, however, we have had customers fall in estuaries, off boats and even through ice on a Norweigan lake who have all survived thanks to wearing the proper attire. Ultimately you need time to be able to be rescued and these suits buy you that valuable hour or two which you would not otherwise have.

As the largest retailer and stockist of floatation suits in the UK we are happy to try and answer any queries, questions or concerns you have prior to purchase. Please drop us a note at technical@uk-fishing-tackle.co.uk and we will come back to you as soon as possible (alternatively you can speak to a real person on the phone on 01507 608100 during office hours).

Trade Sales
We get a lot of enquiries for trade sales, and naturally we are happy to assist - Generally we can supply any suit shown on our website within 24 hours, however, due to the low margins and pricing we offer we can only offer discounts to orders of six or more suits.

We are happy to support registered charities such as lifeboat crews and RNLI workers with suits exempt from VAT subject to the provision of a suitable exemption certificate.




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